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The 1970s
Boppin' Bob Recalls the 70's

I toked my way through College.  The protest scene was hip, but heck, the Vietnam war ended in '75 and we turned our attention to other things -- like getting jobs and starting families. 

The music sure changed. The Beatles broke up and the new sounds comin' out of the radio came from the Carpenters, John Denver, Donna Fargo and Bread.

The soap operas were pre-empted by Watergate.  Everybody knew McGovern didn't have a chance. Tricky Dick was one bad dude.  No regrets here when he resigned.  We should have voted for Pat Paulsen or even Archie Bunker. This Ford guy kept falling down airplane steps and nailing people with errant golf shots. 

Barry White really got down with his bad self.  The chicks, always looking for Mr. Goodbar, dug that guy who played Barbarino on "Welcome Back Kotter" strutting to the Bee Gees in his white suit.  No way you'd get me into a disco.

I kinda liked President Carter.  Sure he was a peanut farmer and made that "lust in his heart" comment," but then I felt sorry for him when the Iranians locked our boys up at the embassy in a never-ending saga. 

I wonder what happened to my 8-tracks?

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