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Buddy Deane

Buddy Deane In the Golden era of Rock 'n' Roll, Dick Clark was pretty much the undisputed king of afternoon dance TV in the USA. However in Baltimore, Maryland, no one ever watched Dick Clark, because a big, burly Arkansan named Buddy Deane dominated the local scene.

Deane featured every performer of the era on his show, except Elvis and Rick Nelson. From 1957 to 1964 he was on 6 days a week. His ratings were huge, and in 1962, "The Buddy Deane Show" won the "Best Daytime Show in America" award.

In 1964 Buddy returned to his hometown of Pine Bluff, Arkansas to manage the station he had purchased several years earlier, KOTN. Under Deane, KOTN had phenomenal shares of the local radio market and became one of the country's best-sounding Rock 'n' Roll stations.

On July 16, 2003 Buddy Deane passed away of complications resulting from a stroke suffered 10 days prior. He was 78. At the time of his death, Buddy had made plans to host the first annual 'Buddy Deane Fan Fair' in conjunction with the Baltimore stage debut of 'Hairspray', the John Waters production based on Buddy's phenomenally successful TV dance show (1957-64) aired on Baltimore's WJZ Channel 13.

Following Buddy's death, the decision was made to instead celebrate Buddy's contributions and talents to Baltimore with a special tribute dance. The event will be held on Saturday, September 27, 2003 at the Maryland State Fairgrounds Fine Arts Building in Timonium. More than 1,500 fans will be on hand to rock, roll, and remember. Those wishing to purchase a ticket ($25 US) or table of 10 may e-mail for more information.

The dance is coordinated by Anne Boyer (Tempera) who was a regular 'Committee' member (dancer) on the show for most of its duration. The event is also being produced by Bob Mathers. Bob worked with Buddy in 1996-97 at WITH radio in Baltimore and served as producer and DJ for more than 50 Buddy Deane dances in the Mid-Atlantic region from 1996 into 2003. Buddy Deane is loved by many. This tribute provides an opportunity to appreciate his personality, talent, and contributions to rock and roll fans of several generations.

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